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Rita's Journey

From H Van to MexiVan

It took some time to find Rita, these beautiful characters which came about after World War II with their distinctive corrugated body work inspired by German Junkers Aircraft of the1930s have become very desirable in recent years. Our search for her took us all over France (with the help of a few friends in the know)

Rita, began her life on the 8th January 1974. A little gem who has made her way from the Western Med area of Le Francais where she was aiding a French builder to carry his wares about the streets of Perpignon. Here's the ad we replied to ......

"This amazing Citroen HY was owned from new by a man in Rivesaltes, Perpignon, so not only has it lived its life in a perfect climate, but he also kept it in a garage. How  many french keep their H Vans in a garage?! Unsurprisingly, therefore, superb  sound body and original AC 109 paint"

Rita has now had her refit which has transformed her from a rusty old H Van to what we affectionately refer to as: "A Vision in Purple"  We reckon it has taken over 200 man hours to complete the refit to the standard it is today.

Rita has spent the last couple of years working the street-food markets of Manchester and the North. However, being a Meditteranean girl she never did like the weather and now resides in balmy Surrey

She now has a purpose built kitchen which has full cooking, serving & refrigeration services, and has the ability to serve up to 500 meals per day.

We always wanted her to be eye catching, but wow we think she's turned out to be now a real show stopper!  With her hand painted graphics with scenes of Mexicana alongsde beautiful Charra Girls adds that real point of difference to your event or a memorable part of any private party!

Take time out to look at some of the pictures of her transformation into the beautiful gal she is now to understand how passionate we are about what we do, Rita isn't just a van or a vehicle we serve from , she's part of our family!

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